Grace Gardner

Profitability Coach

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Graduated Magna Cum Laude from University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez Campus with two bachelors; political science and economics

Started with Cutco in 2009 when I was a sophomore in college, heard about the job though a letter mailed to my house.

I started in a Branch office and that first summer I only worked my fast start because I was in the last training class of the summer. In 2010 my Branch manager reached out again at the beginning of the summer because she was going to re open the office and I worked full time that summer.

Branched in 2011 - $100k summer

My plan was always to be a DM for 2-3 years after graduating from college to make some money and gain experience to later go into Law School. I went out as a DM for about a year then closed my office and became an FSM and was selling around studying to go into Law School. In the summer of 2015 my DVM at the time, Jeff Gamboa, asked to speak at a SC1 and after my talk told me that I should re open as a DM. We started getting weekly calls about the pros and cons of being a DM versus being a lawyer, I shadowed 6 lawyers and law firms in three months and then decided to be DM.

Re opened my DM office in 2016 in San Juan, PR and in September of 2017 hurricane Maria hit and had to close my office. My Regional Manager, Scott Dennis, offered to get me transferred to the United States. In April of 2018 I moved to Jacksonville, FL where I currently live and decided to become a CSP. In the four years I was a DM I sold $3.5M and have personally sold in $480k being in the Top 500 All time sales reps with Cutco.

This year I started my Executive Admin Service Business, got my Life Coaching certification, got married to ADVM and Hall Of Famer, Darren Gardner and got the cutest dog, Snoopy :)