As a Rising Stock client, you will receive

1. An Income/Expense Statement (P&L Report) for the Summer Campaign (Branches) or each Month (DM's).  This is SUPER-helpful for taxes and understanding your business.

* We integrate and categorize the expenses from your commission statement, checking account, and credit cards for your business AND Personal Transactions.

2.  Profitability Podcasts
* Rising Stock coaches and other top managers will provide tips to help you put more money in your pocket
* We will share what top managers around the country are doing to build their business
* We will teach you to become more financially savvy
* Topics include, but are not limited to, Sample Kit Management, Money Management, Summer Cash Flow, Admin & Office Back-end management, and more!

3. (For DMs) Monthly One-on-One coaching calls with a Rising Stock coach. These coaching calls have positively impacted thousands of District and Division Managers throughout Vector. These calls focus on creating profitability in your office by helping to lower expenses and increase income.

DM, CSP, BM, Other