Adam Hayes-Lemmon

Profitability Coach

Adam graduated from the University of Denver in 2018 with a double major in Marketing and Psychology, and a minor in Sociology. He started with Vector in 2015, selling 12k in his fast start and over 90k personally throughout his 3 years as a college student. After running a branch office in 2017, he sold 10k personally to win the company trip to Munich. In April of 2018, he opened his district office in Fort Collins, CO and finished #2 in the new DM Silver Cup race. His office won the Silver Cup the following year and was in the top 10 for his category each year until he left the company in 2021. He won 3 Presidents' banquets and numerous international company trips.

During his time with the company, Adam paid off his student loans, bought and paid off his BMW, and purchased his first home in 2020. He was coached by Rising Stock through his time as both a BM and a DM, and started his first retirement account as a sophomore in college. He has been a Profitability Coach with Rising Stock since February 2023. He loves the ability to share all that he has learned over the years from Rising Stock, his peers, and his mentors. He currently lives in Fort Collins, CO with his dog, Chompi. He enjoys snowboarding, watching sports, and spending time with his friends and family.